Bigfoot Sightings in Florida

Native American folklore describes “wolf-walkers”: man–eating creatures, part human and part beast. Other legends describe a human-like creature that was raised by alligators after wandering into the swamp as an abandoned child.

It was monster-mania around here…


Bigfoot Sightings in Florida

  • North Florida / Panhandle
  • Central Florida / Ocala Forest
  • South Florida / Everglades

Florida has become a hotbed for reports and alleged sightings of the elusive Bigfoot creature.

Also known as Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot is more notoriously named Florida’s “Swamp Ape”.  Most people who’ve encountered the creature report a noxious odor is present before it’s seen.

Florida is ranked 3rd nationwide in the number of sightings and activity, with the most reports historically in Marion and Collier Counties with total reports numbering 19 and 21, respectively.

Most recent reportings were in Escambia County (March, 2023), Hillsborough, Okaloosa, Orange, and Volusia Counties (2022), however, these were not visual sightings.

In 2021, there were at least 3 reported visual sightings in Florida:

Eglin AFB (NW Florida) – Powerline cut at Col. Greg Malloy Rd / Range Road 211, Okaloosa County, January 2021. [Video footage]

DeLeon Springs (NW Florida) – Highway 11, Volusia County, July 2021. [Full report]

Tequesta (SE Florida) – Near entrance of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Martin County, August 2021. [Full report]

Other notable sightings in Florida: 

  1. The Myakka Skunk Ape: Sightings of this creature have been reported in the Myakka River State Park and surrounding areas. Witnesses describe a large, ape-like creature covered in hair with a distinct odor resembling rotten eggs or sulfur.  Video footage of Dave Shealy’s sighting in 2000.
  2. The Honey Island Swamp Monster: While primarily associated with Louisiana, reports of the Honey Island Swamp Monster extend into the panhandle of Florida. Described as a bipedal, ape-like creature, sightings have occurred in the remote swamps along the Florida-Alabama border.
  3. Ocala National Forest Encounters: Many witnesses have reported encountering large, hairy creatures resembling Bigfoot near the forest trails and remote camping areas.

Numerous additional reports have emerged from various regions in Florida, including the Everglades, the Big Cypress National Preserve, and even suburban areas. Witness accounts often describe similar characteristics, such as tall, bipedal creatures covered in hair with a foul odor.

If you find yourself in the midst of Florida’s Skunk Ape, document your findings with pictures and report to Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Be safe out there! 

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