Descend into Wonder: 10 Unforgettable Caves in Florida

Florida isn’t all sunshine and beaches. Beneath the surface lies a hidden world of caves, beckoning adventurous travelers with dazzling geological formations and a glimpse into the state’s prehistoric past. From spelunking expeditions to leisurely guided tours, Florida’s caves offer something for everyone.

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Dry Caves in Florida

1. Florida Caverns State Park – Marianna, FL Nestled in the Panhandle region, Florida Caverns State Park offers visitors a rare opportunity to explore limestone caves. Guided tours take you through winding passages adorned with dazzling stalactites, stalagmites, and other geological formations. The caves are outfitted with LED lights and the park features scenic hiking trails, making it the perfect destination for the whole family. Park amenities include R.V./camping, equestrian, boating, swimming, and more.

Florida Caverns

2. Warren Cave – Gainesville, FL Holding the title of the longest known dry, air-filled cave in the state, Alachua County offers 4 miles of mapped passage. There are no walkways, stairs, railings, or lighting, making it suitable only for experienced cavers. Visitors must contact the National Speleological Society to sign a waiver and get permission to enter the gated cave. Certain health and training restrictions apply.

Wet Caves in Florida

3. Devil’s Den Spring – Williston, FL Known as one of Florida’s most prehistoric dive sites, Devil’s Den is a privately-owned submerged cave with scuba diving options, including night tours. Divers can marvel at the underwater world filled with ancient rock formations and 33 million year old fossil beds. Above ground, visitors can relax in the picturesque surroundings or explore the nearby fossil museum. Cabins, campsites, and R.V. spots are available on-site.

4. Ichetucknee Springs State Park – Fort White, FL While primarily known for its pristine springs and tubing adventures, Ichetucknee Springs State Park also hides a secret underground cave system. Experienced cave divers can explore the labyrinthine passages filled with fascinating geological formations. Above ground, visitors can enjoy swimming, picnicking, and wildlife viewing in the park’s scenic landscape. Camping is available in the area.

5. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park – Live Oak, FL Named after the legendary cave explorer Wes Skiles, this park boasts the title of one of the longest underwater cave systems in the continental United States, with over 22,000 feet of surveyed underwater passages. The park features a 1.2-mile interpretive walking trail with kiosks and signs along the way, detailing the history and science of cave diving and exploring, as well as plants and animals you may encounter. Camping is not available in the park.

6. Vortex Spring – Ponce De Leon, FL Located in the middle of the Panhandle, Vortex is recognized as one of the largest diving facilities in the state and one of the safest dive resorts in the country. Vortex offers a recreational waterpark with swings, slides, paddleboarding and rafting in the swim area. Divers can explore over 1,600 feet of mapped cave passages, with depths reaching up to 115 feet. Numerous lodges, cabins, R.V. and campsites are available on-site.

7. Blue Grotto Dive Resort – Williston, FL Situated near Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto is another popular destination for cave diving enthusiasts. The resort features a stunning underwater cave system with depths of up to 100 feet and excellent visibility. Divers can explore intricate passages and encounter fascinating marine life in this submerged labyrinth. Cabin rentals, camping, and R.V. spots with full hook-ups are available.

8. Manatee Springs State Park – Chiefland, FL Although primarily known for its abundant wildlife and scenic springs, Manatee Springs State Park also offers over 20,000 feet of mapped caverns. Headspring, Catfish Hotel, Sue Sink, and Friedman’s Sink offer unique dives for varying skill levels. Dive through hidden passageways, marvel at natural rock formations, and experience the thrill of exploring a submerged world. Certified cave divers can venture in from the head spring, and open water diving is permitted in the main spring run. Camping, glamping, and R.V. spots are plentiful on-site.

9. Twin Caves – Marianna, FL Located in the heart of North Florida’s cave country, Twin Caves offers divers a chance to explore two interconnected underwater caves: Little River Spring and Devil’s Ear. This underwater cave system is a haven for certified cave divers, offering a thrilling exploration through hidden passageways and natural limestone formations . While not accessible to casual snorkelers or swimmers, the caves provide a glimpse into Florida’s submerged history for those with the proper certifications. Camping is available in the area.

10. Ginnie Springs – High Springs, FL Located just outside of High Springs, Florida, Ginnie Springs boasts over 200 acres of pristine land encompassing seven natural springs, two of which – Ginnie Spring and Devil’s Spring – allow access to an extensive cave systems . With visibility often exceeding 200 feet thanks to the constant flow of fresh spring water, divers can explore a captivating labyrinth of caverns, passageways, and drop-offs. Ginnie Springs caters to all levels of cave diving expertise, from introductory courses to complex technical dives. Camping and R.V. spots are available with full hook-ups.

So ditch the ordinary and delve into the extraordinary. With its abundance of caves, Florida promises an unforgettable adventure for spelunkers, divers, and nature enthusiasts alike. Pack your sense of wonder and get ready to descend into a world waiting to be discovered.

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