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Oh Florida By Craig Pittman

Why Is Florida So Batshit Crazy? This Guy Nails It

Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country by Craig Pittman is a book after our own hearts. Pittman has a bit of room to talk since he’s a native and works as a Tampa Bay Times reporter. His tome of zany Florida badness goes further than just the episodic, though.

Pittman attempts to explain how something like Florida could possibly exist without blowing itself up, and he comes damn near nailing it with his explanation to National Geographic. In his own words, Pittman says that to understand why Florida is crazy, one must consider the relatively rapid population growth from 1940 to the present, when it went from being the least populous state in the South to a state of 20 million people and 100 million visitors per year, “all crammed into this 35-to-40-mile-wide strip along the coast and Interstate 4.” He continued: “Put that many people together from that many different places, speaking that many different languages, and they’re bound to start ramming their cars into each other or chasing each other with machetes over whose dog pooped on whose lawn.”


While we’re not the types to venture into book review territory very often, Pittman seems to have characterized our raison d’être perfectly.