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Florida Woman Caught Talking To Smokes In Vero Beach

Vero Beach Woman Arrested After Talking To Her Pack Of Smokes

Stay off the drugs, kids. They can make you behave in some strange ways, such as the case of Anna Ledis, a 46-year-old Vero Beach woman who was recently arrested for driving under the influence.

While there is nothing too over-the-top about someone getting arrested for DUI — happens every day in the great state of Florida — Ledis had somewhat amusing headline-worthy circumstances attached to her situation. She was at the Vero Beach Country Club talking to her package of cigarettes. Realizing this wasn’t ordinary behavior, the club presumably called deputies, who responded and began to question the woman. When asked why she would be holding a convo with her smokes, she said she was “practicing for a play.” At first, the cops weren’t going to arrest her, simply telling her not to drive and to call her family. When they returned 10 minutes later to check on the situation, she had driven over some bushes and onto a golf cart path, TCPalm reports.

Searching the vehicle, cops found — twist ending! — six bottles of prescription meds.