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Coffee Attack In Florida Jail Has Unique Twist

Vero Beach Man Named Coffee Attacks Someone With Coffee

Ever feel like you have to do something important with your name before you die? We’re not sure if Andrew Coffee, 53, of Vero Beach felt that way when he tossed actual coffee on a fellow inmate, but it didn’t stop him from doing it.

The victim, 21-year-old Chauncey Jones claims that Coffee threw coffee on his person and punched him in the head. Coffee denies the punching part but copped to the coffee tossing, figuring it was better than “beating his ass,” according to the Smoking Gun. His reason for the assault: he’d been “getting annoyed by Jones because he is much younger,” reads the affidavit. Talk about throwing yourself at someone!

Coffee — the man, not the drink — is running out of options in life after getting an 11-year stint for shooting a Sheriff’s deputy, who returned fire and struck Coffee in the legs and torso. He’s lucky to be alive — well, perhaps.

[Image via Toshiyuki IMAI, Flickr Creative Commons]