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Valero 10000 Charge Gets Snippy Response

Valero Charges Woman $10,000 For $20 Of Gas

A North Fort Myers gas station manager has officially qualified as one of the top 10 most hated men in the world after his response to a billing mistake.

According to WFTX, a woman stopped at a local Valero station and pumped out $20 worth of gas, which she placed on her credit card. Later, when checking the receipts, she discovered those few gallons resulted in a $10,000 charge (approximately 27,000 gallons of gas). When she tried to get the situation fixed, the manager advised her to take it up with Valero Corporate. The refund was issued two weeks later after the woman canceled her credit card. When approached about his response, the charming manager said, β€œWhat should I do? Stand on my head in the middle of the street and apologize?”

Classy. Guys like this make us wonder how some people ever find themselves entering a customer-facing profession. Lesson here: always check those bills. Of course, you get a $10,000 charge, the bill’s pretty much checking you.

[Image via Mike Mozart | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY 2.0]