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Dog On Motorcycle: Just A Couple Of Easy Riders

This Dog Is Exactly Where It Needs To Be

From the you-can’t-make-this-shit-up department, this motorcyclist was spotted by an observant driver on his way home from work. The image showed up on Reddit this week and quickly shot up hundreds of thousands of views with folks saying things like “What a bad ass” and “Goddammit, fucking Florida!”

We agree with both of those statements. Unfortunately, it was just a fleeting moment caught by a dude with a smartphone; but maybe that’s for the best. An image like this doesn’t need a backstory. It just needs a blank T-shirt and a printing press. In fact, if we had our way this would be the new state flag, and don’t try to act like you disagree with that, liar.

Our only beef with this is that we now want to see a slew of other animal-human motorcycle hybrids that don’t make a damn bit of sense. Man/alligator. Man/duck-billed platypus. Man/Komodo dragon. Get on it, Easy Riders.