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Taco Bell Robbed After Customer Paid

Taco Bell Robbed By Paying Customer

An Orlando criminal took the saying, “Never mix business with pleasure” to heart when he set his sights on an area Taco Bell. According to the Palm Beach Post, the man (ballpark age 30) attempted to rob the fast food restaurant on Monday night, though it was unclear if he succeeded in getting away with the money.

Prior to that, however, he must have been hungry because he ordered and paid for his meal with a $20 bill. Because stealing money at gunpoint … nothing wrong with it. Stealing a bean burrito and Diet Mountain Dew? Well, a guy’s gotta draw the line somewhere.

As of this post, police are still searching for the culprit. And if you’re Taco Bell you gotta see an opportunity here. Food so damn good even armed robbers want to pay for it. How’s that not a feather in your cap?

[Image via Mike Mozart, Flickr Creative Commons]