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Mack Yearwood Wanted Facebook Photo

Stuart Man Uses Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Pic

How do winners update their Facebook profile pics? With their mugshots, of course. Florida resident Mack Yearwood was so proud of the work Citrus County Police did on a previous booking photo he decided to use it as his profile picture, the Palm Beach Post reports.

We’ve got to give it to Yearwood on this. He successfully walked the line between balls and boneheadedness — until Stuart Police caught up with him, that is. No one seems too smart once they’re caught. And it’s probably a good thing Yearwood was apprehended. Previous crimes include two counts of battery, so he’s a pretty rough customer despite the slight stature.

For what it’s worth, Yearwood does illustrate what a proud people we are here in the Sunshine State, where everything’s worth celebrating and nothing’s cause for shame. But let’s let him have this idea for a while, shall we? You people scare us enough without announcing your crimes to the world through our Facebook feed.