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Strip Club Fart Assault In Florida

Strip Club Customer Charged With Assault For Farting In Woman’s Face

An Orlando strip club is pursuing charges against a patron, who rather unkindly passed gas on a stripper’s face while she was in the throes of a lap dance.

For sake of entering pun territory, we’ve gotta admit it was a shitty thing to do. After all, doing lap dances on total strangers for money isn’t exactly the most sanitary job to begin with; throw in an ass trumpet, and you’ve officially entered “gross” territory. Still, a simple assault charge? The assistant manager tells the Florida Sun Post that the individual hand-selected the stripper and paid upfront for the dance. In the middle of it, he said, “Wait a minute, I think this chair is wet.” He then got up and bent over to where his hands were touching his feet. He asked the stripper to check and see if his pants were wet, and that’s when it happened. The assistant manager said the customer “farted loudly for a sustained period” in the woman’s face.

While we just spent five minutes laughing between the last paragraph and this one, we’ve gotta say this wasn’t a cool thing to do. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of punishment the man receives. Anyone out there willing to keep us posted?

[Image via Todd McCann | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY 2.0]