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Starbucks Trump Supporter Loses It

Reported Trump Supporter Makes Miami Starbucks Great Again

Whenever there’s a crazy-ass election outcome, it seems to bring out the crazies. A Miami Starbucks found that out firsthand after a local resident became angry about the length of time it was taking to get his drink. Targeting the black employee, who was working on the drink, he said he was being victimized by “anti-white discrimination.” From there, things got a little crazy.

“I voted for Trump! Trump! You lost, now give me my money back,” the man — later identified as David Sanguesa — said while being filmed by another of the Starbucks employees. It’s important to note with these types of things that there is no way to confirm any of this as legit aside from going by Sanguesa’s word. The video is so unhinged, it almost seems like he could have been trying to get the attention to disparage Trump voters and that he is, in reality, an anti-Trump voter.

That’s important to keep in mind before drawing too many conclusions. On the other hand, you don’t have to look far to find some pretty crazy Trump supporters. That’s just the nature of the beast in Presidential elections. Both sides can be, and often are, out of their fucking minds. One thing is for certain: Florida went for Trump by a narrow margin. So this one is pretty much a 50/50 chance.

(Featured Image: fsse8info/Flickr Creative Commons)