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Armed Amputee Kills Parents, Self

Quadruple Amputee ‘Armed And Dangerous’ After Parents’ Murders

Today is a throwback to November 2014 and the tragic double murder-suicide perpetrated by Sean Petrozzino. While there isn’t a damn thing funny about a man killing his parents, the circumstances prove at least somewhat that life has a pretty dry sense of humor.

Petrozzino was not your everyday gun enthusiast/homicidal maniac. After breaking up with his wife, he moved back in with his parents, Nancy and Michael (both in their sixties). Authorities and friends of Sean were shocked when his parents ended up shot to death courtesy a hunting rifle, according to the Daily Mail. At this point, Sean went on the run, and became known as the “armed and dangerous” quadruple amputee.

That’s right. Sean Petrozzino had each of his four limbs amputated to some degree before managing to target his parents and go on the run in a brief manhunt that went from Florida to Memphis where it ended when he (somehow) turned a semi-automatic pistol on himself and ended it. Sean’s wife set up a Facebook group in his honor that same month, and it grew to 81 members with many sharing fond memories of Sean, proving Petrozzino’s life had taken an incredibly dark and depressing turn and had once been something worth celebrating.

Pics on the page seem to tell the story of a good-natured guy, who might have gotten a kick out of the pun headlines and countless reddit threads that grew from his tragedy. Pretty horrible legacy, but still something we suppose.

(Featured Image by Facebook)