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Fidel Lopez Accused Of Disemboweling Partner

Psycho Allegedly Disembowels Partner During Sex

There’s “rough sex,” and there’s what Fort Lauderdale suspect Fidel Lopez allegedly did to his girlfriend after she called him by the wrong name (her ex-husband).

CBS Miami states Lopez tried to sell authorities on the idea what happened to Maria Nemeth was the result of things getting a little too out of control in the bedroom. By “a little out of control,” however, Lopez apparently meant “disembowel.” When authorities arrived, they found an extremely grisly crime scene especially in the closet. Lopez was charged with murder and sexual battery, the site said, adding that prosecutors would be seeking the death penalty.

While Lopez may be using the tequila defense, most of us who’ve been schnockered on the stuff have never had the impulse to cut our partner’s guts out. At least not literally. Good luck selling it to a jury, pal.