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Port Richey Chicken Hoarder Keeping 100 Under One Roof

Port Richey Woman Keeping 100 Chickens … In Her Home

Every state has its share of disgusting people, but you can’t get much worse than a Port Richey woman, who is basically a walking episode of Hoarders co-starring a shitload of chickens. We’re talking around 100 here under the same roof, according to the news website for local NBC affiliate WFLA.

While the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office could not confirm if anyone was living in the residence, they did say a woman is being investigated, the site stated. The fact these little cluckers were in a home and not a chicken house makes this automatically Florida enough, regardless of where the woman was at the time officers responded.

And if conjuring the smell of nuclear chickenshit isn’t enough, the Sheriff’s Office was kind enough to post several pictures to its Facebook page, so we could have some visuals with the madness. Seriously, we haven’t seen this many chickens under one roof since KFC catered our last Christmas party. (We’ll see ourselves out now.)

[Image via Pasco County Sheriff’s Office]