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Eva Gaitan Arrested

Palm Harbor Woman Distributes Nude Pics Of Ex-Husband To His Parents

A Palm Harbor woman really upped the stakes in the aftermath of her divorce after burning nude images of her ex-husband to a CD and distributing it to his parents and employer. Eva Gaitan, 32, reportedly took the images from her husband’s hard drive and transferred them to disc with the sneaky label, “Requires Immediate Attention,” the Smoking Gun reports.

Before getting into the rest of this sordid little tale, let’s pause for a moment to admire the ingenious labeling of that CD. A lesser woman would have gone with something more obvious like “view immediately” or “dick pics inside!” Not Eva. She had the office lingo down perfect, and it really makes you want to drop that bad boy into the drive and see what’s what. Unfortunately for her ex, that’s just what both parties did.

While the ruse resulted in an epic humiliation, it isn’t necessarily working out for her. Gaitan was arrested and held at the Pinellas County jail in lieu of a $1,000 bond. She also can’t play the whole “best revenge is living well” scenario that usually serves a jilted spouse well in the aftermath of their divorce. We like to think of it as “the long game,” and Gaitan has immediately conceded that. Anyone willing to get their ass thrown in jail for something like this, is clearly not okay with the divorce, and her ex will always have that over her.

Going by the mugshot above, it appears that Gaitan is coming to that realization.

As for her ex, this is going to result in some damn awkward family dinners moving forward. Should be an interesting Thanksgiving to say the least. Most parents aren’t used to seeing their children naked past the age of independent baths. Getting peeks at God-knows-what-was-on-that-CD should be enough to put his folks in the nuthouse.

Either way, it should make you guys willing to bare all think twice about doing so with a cellphone in sight. Don’t care what she says, fellas, don’t do it! Sheesh, this whole 21st Century thing is a real bitch, ain’t it?

(Featured Image: Pinellas County mugshot)