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Oviedo Chicken Returns Home

Oviedo Child ‘Devastated’ Over Pet Chicken Theft Gets Good News

Some bittersweet news today out of Oviedo. The sons o’bitches that stole a little girl’s pet chicken have returned it.

The Palm Beach Post reported that some unknown thieves had made off with a little girl’s pet chicken that she adorably named “Pretty,” and, according to the father, the little girl was absolutely heartbroken over it. Apparently, these particular sons o’bitches had a conscience, though, because once the story started picking up legs online, whoever did it returned the chicken unharmed to the family’s home overnight.

While we would like to think this was a search-the-goodness-of-your-heart sort of decision, we know that it’s far more likely the perpetrators didn’t want someone kicking their ass over a bird once the Internet worked its magic and attached all the feels to it. Either way, it’s good to know Pretty is back where she belongs.