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Rosalia Garcia, Crackpipe Vagina

Okeechobee Woman Pulls Glass Crack Pipe From Her Vagina In World’s Worst Magic Trick

Rosalia Garcia, a 28-year-old woman hailing from Okeechobee, was arrested for attacking a man with a glass crack pipe, according to a report from TC Palm. The pair got into an argument over $20, during which she allegedly stabbed him with the broken piece of glass. It was not clear whether the two were romantically linked. What is known, from Garcia’s own admissions, is that she is a crack addict.

So much so that when authorities responded to the 911 call and took her to jail, she produced a second glass pipe straight from the ol’ right-there-Fred. Garcia immediately told the female officer watching over her that she feared she cut herself with the pipe upon extraction. It’s only fitting that all of this went down on Halloween, since Garcia’s vagina is now a horror show.

In all seriousness, this is probably the least of her worries right now.ย For stabbing the man, she faces an aggravated battery charge to go along with the possession of drug paraphernalia. Typical sentencing guidelines place punishments at around one year in prison. Okay, on second thought, we’d rather do the year than deal with a genital injury. Lucky Rosalia gets both.

Sadly, this is not the only time a woman’s vagina has been used as cold storage for drug paraphernalia and not even the first time said paraphernalia was a crack pipe. Even worse, Florida is where the last incident of this happened as well.

In April, 23-year-old Tiffany Flores of Fellsmere was arrested following a traffic stop. In a state of panic, she decided to cram the crack pipe into her pleasure receptor. During the stop, a bag of cocaine was discovered. Afterward, while conducting a body scan on Flores, the sensor picked up on a foreign object lodged in her vaginal area. That’s when it came to officers’ attention.

This state is so damn weird.

(Featured Image: St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office)