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Mom Of The Year Uses Child As Weapon

Mom Of The Year Uses Stroller As Weapon (With Baby Inside)

Ever get in a fight with someone and throw everything but the kitchen sink into it, not caring who you damage in the process? Just such a case has arisen out of Florida, and we thought we’d talk about it.

Celestina Ramirez Garcia has been charged with child abuse and battery after throwing a stroller at her opponent during a fight. Only thing is, reports ClickOrlando, the damn thing had a baby inside of it. The Immokalee woman committed the act in a bit of overkill after punching her opponent unconscious and proving that women are much scarier than guys when it comes to getting physical.

Police have not mentioned any injuries the baby may have suffered, but judging from how lightly they’re taking it, things seem on the up-and-up. If that isn’t the case, it’s news to us, and probably indicative of how the media needs to pull heads out of their asses.