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Twerking Criminal Gets Hit With Bond

Miami Carjacker Shakes His Little Tush In The Courtroom

Thirty-year-olds are supposed to be grown-ass men, who know how to act in public. Calvin Lloyd Griffith did not get the memo. He appeared in bond court Thursday morning and left the audience, bailiffs, prosecution, and even his own defense aghast when he channeled his inner Miley. It’s not clear what Griffith was thinking since he broke out “the twerk” prior to Judge Catherine M. Pooler’s decision. She let him back that ass up. Then she shoved an $18,500 bond up it.

Griffith was charged with a vehicle carjacking at Miami Edison Senior High School. According to the police report, Griffith entered the high school’s attendance office two days earlier. He then found a set of car keys on the counter and took the car for a joyride.. The car was a 2013 black Volkswagen Passat.

Florida can be slow mentally. (That’s why That’s So Florida exists.) But not knowing that the twerk is so 2014? What the hell is wrong with you people?