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McDonalds Couple Stalled At Drive Thru

McDonald’s Couple Falls Asleep In Drive-Thru

McDonald’s drive-thru lines … what’s the point? Nine times out of 10 you’ll get your damn food faster if you just park it and order to-go inside. Why? A) Lines are notoriously long; and B) You never know when you’ll run into a situation where the car ahead of you is full of spaced-out whackadoodles.

Take a recent case reported first by the Miami Herald. A couple — Kevin Yonson and his girlfriend (unnamed) — ordered food from the drive-thru at around 10:30 p.m. When they didn’t pull forward, an employee went out to check on them and found both had fallen asleep. Police were called to the scene and found both snoozing away and reeking of alcohol. (Insert shock here.) Yonson resisted arrest, lied about who he was, and accused police of pushing him down. He apparently had good reason for the apprehension. He was a sex offender who’d failed to register.

The girl was taken back to her hotel to, we’re guessing, finish out that REM cycle.

[Image via Gerard Stolk | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY-NC 2.0]