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Leland Car Wrecks Four In One Weekend

Leland Woman Racks Up Four Car Crashes In One Weekend: Yep, She’s Old

Should old people have to retest for their drivers licenses every few years? With some of the dumbassery that goes on across the highways of Florida, you could make a case that everyone should. But one 69-year-old Leland woman isn’t making a strong case for the older crowd.

This past weekend, the unnamed driver was involved in four separate traffic accidents, according to the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office. Accident number one occurred in Leland on Friday at noon. The woman, driving a 2011 BMW, hit a 2014 Ford on Williams Street while trying to park. Accident number two came when she backed up at a high rate of speed into a Ford Expedition. Accident number three occurred when she fled using Main Street as her outlet and struck a 2015 Nissan in the rear. The grand finale was an UPS delivery truck a few moments later. (Hat tip to The Ticker.)


So if you’re in the Leland area and ordered a set of jack-balls and nipple clamps that were supposed to arrive on Friday but didn’t, there you go. As for those involved in the accidents, the driver was the only injury — described as “minor” — so it looks like everyone’s going to be okay so long as Granny never gets her fingers on another set of car keys.

[Image via Charles Wagner | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY-ND 2.0]