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Joe Chandler, The Guy Who Still Doesn't Know

Jacksonville Man Still Has No Idea Who Won Presidential Election

Joe Chandler, a Jacksonville man, has adopted the kind of attitude we all probably should for the next Presidential election. Chandler, an artist and writer, said he decided to forgo an election night party, and from that, an inadvertent protest was born. In an interview with 6ABC, Chandler said 24 hours became 48 hours, and then he decided to see how far he could take it. So far, it’s been two weeks, and the sun continues to shine.

For those of you ready to call bullshit on this, we were with you until getting a little further into the guts of the piece. Chandler has actively tried to forgo knowledge of the outcome by wearing a sign explaining his position as well as earmuffs whenever he goes out into public. Needless to say, he has also avoided news reports like the plague.

Still, he is one of the first to admit that it won’t last for much longer and that “a single pronoun” could derail the whole thing.

“But the next words out of that person’s mouth could’ve been, ‘Can you believe he won? Can you believe she won?’ It could all boil down to a pronoun,” heΒ said.

If you’re wondering about what kind of mindset could make this work, it would have to be someone independently minded. You know if you were Team Trump or Team Hillary, your willpower couldn’t last this long. Well, Chandler happens to dislike both candidates, and while he did admit to voting, he would not say if he’d chose either one.

(We’re betting he’s a Gary Johnson voter.)

Anyhow, if you’re like most of us, this election was so caustic that continuing it past the natural expiration date seems like one of Dante’s layers of Hell. Who wants to go through with that assholery any longer than one has to, after all?

Now that the whole thing is in the books, about half the country wishes it could trade places with Chandler, and the other half, if it did trade places, would still be expecting the Hillary Clinton landslide the media promised.

(Featured Image: 6ABC)