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Angel Muttlea Arrested For Choking Officer

Fort Pierce Woman Tries To Choke Out Police Officer With Underwear

What the hell is going on with the youth of America today? Protesting the legitimate outcome of an election, demanding the results be changed because they don’t like the candidate? Safe spaces? Trigger warnings? Little bastards think they can get away with everything. Angel Muttlea, 21, falls into this group, at least in the nerve department.


Muttlea, according to TCPalm, has been accused of attacking a police officer and doing it with an interesting choice of weaponry. The affidavit reports the officer was assaulted by a black woman’s undergarment similar to a slip. While the officer was posted outside of a bathroom at the Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute, Muttlea allegedly approached from behind and threw the garment around the officer’s neck. She then “began to pull back obstructing my airway.”

“I fell back to the ground with Muttlea and the garment still wrapped around my neck,” the officer continued. After that, Muttlea ate a rubber glove that happened to be laying on the ground. We know what you’re thinking. It takes a special kind of Florida crazy to think up something like this, and then to assume it will break in your favor. It wasn’t clear from the TCPalm report if Muttlea has a prior criminal history, but we’re just going to head out on the limb and assume this isn’t her first rodeo with the law. Surprisingly this isn’t the first underwear strangulation that we’ve seen this year. The last one happened in May, and it involved an abusive boyfriend, but Illinois will have to take credit for that one.

(Both Images: Fort Pierce Police)