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Bunny Fetus Steals Reddit's Heart

Florida Woman Pregnant With Bunny

A Florida woman is pregnant with what appears to be a small bunny. The shocking photographic “proof” hit imgur late last week and quickly brought with it an onslaught of obvious commentary. “At it like rabbits is not supposed to be taken literally.” “What’s up, doc?” “A bun in the oven!”

While we don’t have a lot of details to go on, the original poster — NetteFraulein — claims to be seven weeks and a few days pregnant and notes that the appointment was a confirmation of pregnancy and that the wascally wabbit is, in reality, just a fetus in early development that happens to look like a bunny.

This being Florida, though, we weren’t sure at first. People have definitely fucked stranger things in this state, so you never know what kind of strange biology Mother Nature has waiting up her sleeve. We’ll be keeping our eye on this one to see how it develops.