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Florida Mom Goes Cujo On Vero Beach School

Florida Mom Goes Full Lecter On School Secretary

Sheila De Jesus is either the Mother from Hell or the one you want packing your sack lunches every morning depending on which side of her mental illness (and possible rabies infection) you fall down on.

In vintage Mama Bear fashion, the 40-year-old went after a school secretary and a sheriff’s deputy when she perceived the school was poisoning her child. Great, until you realize there is no evidence of said poisoning.

In that case, what happened to land her in jail seems more Hannibal Lecter than June Cleaver. After receiving a call from a Vero Beach school to come get her child, she became irate. She claimed the school was poisoning her child on purpose. When she was finally able to get to the location from work, she crossed a barrier and went apeshit on the secretary, hitting and kicking and biting. A responding officer got the same treatment before putting Mommy Cujo in the back of his patrol car. De Jesus is currently in jail in lieu of a $3,000 bond, according to the Vero News website.