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Micah Norman Slaps Girl In Face With Sex Toy

Florida Man Slaps Girlfriend In The Face With Sex Toy

Relationships are hard. We get that. Just when you think everything is moving along hunky-dory, you find out your significant other is cheating on you or just an all-around horrible person.

We’re not saying that’s what happened in the case of 34-year-old Micah Norman and his 29-year-old girlfriend, but it’s just to point out that arguments do occur and, yes, they can sometimes get pretty heated. But no matter how heated they get, you should never lay your hands — or in Norman’s case, a sex toy — on your loved one in a threatening manner. Unfortunately, RadarOnline reports, Norman didn’t get that memo and when he lost his shit, he ended up slapping his girlfriend across the face with what we can only assume was a vibrator. (Using the imagination on that one since it seems like it would do the most damage and RO stopped at just “sex toy” in the description.)

Locking Norman up for such an action is understandable. The guy has a long history as a ne’er-do-well with past arrests for drunk driving, disorderly intoxication, battery on a law enforcement officer (presumably NOT with a sex toy), and resisting arrest to his credit. No word if those were all separate incidents or just one really fucked-up evening. One thing is for sure. If you’re a cop dealing with a suspect, you never want to hear yourself utter the words, “Sir, put down the Naughty Cock.”