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Coprolite World Record

Florida Man Holds The World’s Sh*ttiest Record

Numerous people throughout our great country want to be record holders, and it absolutely doesn’t matter what category it’s in. Leave it to a Florida man, 36-year-old George Frandsen, to prove us right in that statement with his … peculiar … Guinness World Records accolade.

Channel3000 reports that Frandsen possesses the world’s “largest collection of coprolite, otherwise known as fossilized feces.” In all, the Florida man owns 1,277 pieces, which includes samples from 15 states and eight countries. The largest piece of shit coprolite in his collection weighs north of four pounds, an artifact he dubs “Precious.” You may be asking, as we were, what the hell kind of creature can shit four pounds in a single sitting. Apparently, the coprolite is attributed to a species of crocodile out of South Carolina and could be as ancient as 5.3 million years of age. (And you thought it was biodegradable.)

Mr. Frandsen insists his strange little hobby isn’t quite as disgusting as it sounds, noting that the odor of the poop has vanished with time, and that it is pretty much just the look that still resembles a dookie donut. We gotta be honest on this one. We’ve been through the entire collection of the world’s weirdest records over at Business Insider — all 39, including the longest fingernails, largest number of people simultaneously hula-hooping, most spoons on a human body, and world’s tallest mohawk — and there isn’t a one of them that have shit on this.

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)