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Inmate Says He's God (He Isn't)

Florida Inmate Declares ‘I Am God’ (He Isn’t)

God is apparently alive and well in Broward County and going by the name of Julio Torres. That’s at least if you talk to Torres himself, a 24-year-old miscreant who was facing charges for allegedly stealing a car in Fort Lauderdale, reports NBC Miami.

Torres/Almighty got into a heated exchange with Broward Circuit Court Judge Stephen J. Zaccor, who decided to hit Torres with additional trespassing charges. “You’re so wack, man!” Torres is reported to have said. “Yo, just take off all the charges!” Torres also called Zaccor a “homophobic slur,” the news site reports, and answered a simple “No” when Zaccor asked him if he could think of any reason why he shouldn’t be held in “direct criminal contempt for behavior in the court.” Zaccor asked for further explanation, and that’s when Torres dropped his omnipotent being claim, stating simply, “I’m God.”

The crack got Torres 60 days to prove he is God by busting out of the Broward County Jail. We’ll be here waiting to see how this one works out.