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Austin Harrouff In Hands Of Grand Jury Now

Florida Face-Eater Is Now In The Hands Of A Grand Jury

The fate of 19-year-old face-biter Austin Harrouff is now in the hands of a grand jury.

Harrouff’s horrific double homicide of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon made national headlines when police ganged up on the teen to pull him off Stevens as he took a plug out of the dead man’s face. At the time there was speculation Harrouff was on a “designer drug” like flakka. Tests for that are still pending, but his system was clear of cocaine and marijuana. His dad theorizes that drugs are not involved, but rather his actions were the result of an undiagnosed mental illness, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Usually we gotta call bullshit on the mental illness stuff, but when you’re so out of your gourd that you A) conceive of such a crime and B) require multiple police officers, a police dog, and a taser just to get you off the victim, anything’s possible. Harrouff was a wrestler and football player at Suncoast High. We’re sure they’re super proud of this one. Sarcasm, of course, but we’ll tell you who should be proud, especially if this didn’t involve drugs — whatever Brock Lesnar looking mo-fo that survived a wrestling match with him.