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Shawn Schmidli Arrested

Florida Administrator Goes ‘Old School,’ Running Naked Along S.R. 100

In a scene ripped straight from the classic comedy Old School, a Flagler County school administrator somehow got beyond messed up and went for a pleasant little jog on State Road 100 in Bunnell — completely, inescapably, butt-ass naked. Shawn Schmidli, the 35-year-old director of growth and management for Flagler County Schools, was observed near the county’s Government Services Building at around 3:15 p.m. on Nov. 17 “weaving back and forth on the sidewalk,” the News-Journal Online reports.

During his naked jaunt, the out-of-his-mind administrator ran past a police cruiser and a fire and rescue truck, both of which made efforts to stop him. He was finally tripped up by a deputy, who wrote in the report that Schmidli was “speaking incoherently and was not able to form a complete sentence.” While being handcuffed facedown on the ground, the administrator confessed, “I like grass,” and said a few words about an unknown woman named “Anna Maria.”

Authorities are still trying to figure out what the heck happened to short-circuit this guy’s brain. Fortunately for Schmidli, he has not yet lost his job, but is instead on paid leave. We’re thinking the district is going to wait and see what toxicology reports indicate about their colleague’s condition before taking further action. By all accounts, Schmidli is well-liked. He has been with the district for 11 years, and this is his first naked sprinter incident, so you gotta think there will be some leniency on that.

Most educators would probably opt for a self-imposed resignation. Kids can be little shits when they don’t know you went streaking through the entire F’n community. Just imagine the field day they’re going to have with this.

Regardless of what happens, here’s hoping Schmidli gets the help he needs. You can’t help but dig a guy who makes one of the funniest scenes in motion picture history a reality. Let’s cut the poor guy some slack, shall we? After all, Florida has far worse maniacs than this teaching our kids, don’t we? Get well soon, friend!

(Featured Image: Flagler County Court footage)