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Donald Trump Tattoo In St. Pete

Donald Trump Makes Tattoos Great Again In St. Pete

Donald Trump has made a lot of shit great again since deciding to run for President. Dick references during debates. Rosie O’Donnell takedowns. Nick-naming your opponents like a schoolyard bully. Above all, love him or hate him, he has encouraged a whole culture for Americans of calling bullshit on their elected officials. Next up, tattoos.

One St. Pete Beach man — understandably not using his full name when speaking to the media — spent 13 hours in the chair at Sun Coast Tattoos getting a 20-color rendering of the Orange One. His reason: “This is the first time in my life I’ve had a choice” of whom to vote for, he said in comments to Bay News 9. Despite the fact that the Don has told his own share of whoppers, the man looks at Trump as a plain-talking businessman, who isn’t beholden to lobbyists and who espouses the virtues of Blue Collar Joe. So he permanently tatted himself with the man’s face.

Now we know what you’re probably thinking. What if Hillary Clinton is elected in November? Will this guy be throwing himself off Trump Tower? Nope. He’s happy either way because that’s how much he loves Trump. Looks like all those “Florida is my second home” comments on the campaign trail are finally paying off. Florida, you have arrived!