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Carjacker Hug Denied

DeLand Carjacker Makes Strange Request Of His Victim

The things we do for a little love. A carjacker in DeLand recently made national headlines when he sprung an unusual request on his victim.

Nicholas Foreman, 36, approached a man at an area gas station and began asking for a ride to Wendy’s. When the man refused, Foreman reached for his waistband, making like he had a weapon tucked away and ready for action, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. After the startled man ended up honoring Foreman’s request, Foreman offered to buy his beer from him at the next stop. The victim refused. Foreman then asked if he could have a hug. The victim went ahead and did it “due to being in fear of what the defendant had,” according to the police report.

If we had to guess “what he had,” the obvious answer would be “drugs in his system,” but what do we know? Foreman was arrested and charged with carjacking with a firearm/deadly weapon, carrying a concealed firearm/deadly weapon, and (presumably) being the neediest sumbitch in carjacking history.