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Cruelty To Animals Charges For Woman In Cocker Spaniel Drowning

Daytona Beach Woman Caught Drowning Cocker Spaniel In The Ocean

Here’s one sure to miss the Florida travel brochures. Cocker spaniels are pretty much the cutest damn dogs in the world. You’d have to search the world over to find the type of evil MFer, who could be mean to one of them. Or just come to Daytona Beach, where Marilynne Jones, 70, was spotted gleefully drowning hers in the ocean at Lighthouse Point Park.

Witnesses called 911 and reported Jones walking her dog into the surf. When the pooch repeatedly tried getting out, Jones yanked it back into the water. By the time they were able to separate the two, the dog was unconscious and foaming at the mouth. Luckily it’s now recovering at an area veterinarian’s office. Jones, meanwhile, has been slapped with a felony cruelty to animals charge — totally warranted since witnesses said she was “unfazed” by the incident, laughing like the Crypt-Keeper as they hauled her away, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Of course, the scary thing about this is that felony cruelty to animals charges generally come with a $1,000 fine or up to a year of imprisonment, which means this walking horror movie will be back among us soon. Sleep tight, animal lovers.