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Eric Sirmans: 'Is Stealing Cop Car A Felony'

Daytona Beach Man Steals Police Cruiser, Asks If It’s A Felony

A parked Daytona Beach Police cruiser was recently stolen, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. And as ballsy and gutsy a move as that is by a criminal, it isn’t nearly as interesting as what came next. Curious as to whether he was committing a felony, Eric Sirmans asked over the police radio whether what he was doing qualified as a felony. The responding officer answered that it was “up there,” adding, “it’s like the toppest felony we can go.”

The man eventually pulled over after units gave chase and surrendered with his hands in the air. On the video, which you can check out at the link above, someone is heard calling him a moron. Interesting assessment coming from a department that allowed the car to be stolen (with minimal effort) in the first place.

Officer Nicholaus Sault was the assigned officer to that particular unit, and you can bank on it he won’t be living this one down for quite some time … maybe even for as long as Sirmans is in the slammer, thanks to the charges of grand theft with damage more than $1,000, fleeing/attempting to elude and violation of pre-trial release conditions on a previous drug arrest. Stupidity abounds on both sides of the badge, we suppose.