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Father Son Duke It Out Over Legos

Dad And Son Arrested After Brawling Over Legos

From the files of “that escalated quickly,” a father and son were arrested in St. Lucie County over none other than America’s favorite toy.

Nicolas Melice (Senior and Junior) went after one another after the father allegedly got drunk and started to take it out on his son’s Legos, reports TCPalm. Son, 19, took issue with this and went after Father, 46, with one strict purpose. Determine who is the baddest ass of them all. Father and Son had very different ideas of how the fight started with Son claiming his dad became belligerent and dad claiming the opposite. No one knows who’s lying and who isn’t at this point, so let’s just make fun of the fact these are two grown-ass men fighting over Legos, shall we?

Begs the question, gang: what is the dumb-as-shittest fight you’ve ever gotten into? What was the outcome? If you’ve spent any time here, this one should come easy.