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Brandi Oberdeck Goes Crazy

Crazed Swordswoman Attacks Her Boyfriend Because Drugs!

If a man learns one thing from matrimony, he should know not to piss off the wife. Brandi Oberdeck, 25, got into an altercation with husband Peter recently in Clay County, and he apparently didn’t get that memo. After tearing shit up with a sword the couple had at their home (because of course!), he made the mistake of dropping it.

At this point, Brandi took over and instead of tearing up more shit, she started striking him with the sword. According to Action News Jax, he was struck in the stomach, forearms and right side. This prompted a trip to Orange Park Medical Center. Brandi faces charges of aggravated battery. Now here’s the shocking part.

When authorities assessed the couple and searched their home, they found drugs in both. They also found a second sword, which begs the question: is this how the couple usually settles their disputes? If so, here’s hoping they’ve invested in plenty of fencing gear. Anyhow Brandi has been placed on suicide watch. It wasn’t clear at the time of this post if Peter will face charges as well. Likely no, since he was victimized and there aren’t any laws that say you can’t buy a sword to destroy all your own personal property. Not the best idea, though, if you ask us. If Peter isn’t punished by the law, it’s likely he won’t be off the hook. Eventually they’re going to let his wife out of jail. That’s scary.

(Featured Image: Clay County, Fla., Jail)