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Bus Drivers Dropping 5-Year-Olds

Another Florida Bus Driver Leaves A 5-Year-Old Somewhere Stupid

What the hell is wrong with Florida’s public school bus drivers? About a week ago we told you about the now-fired bus driver, who dropped a 5-year-old off alone at an area Waffle House. Now along comes another dunce cap-wearing motherfucker targeting yet another 5-year-old. This time around the driver was new to the job…

Alligator Kill Gets Man Arrested By Sumter County Police

Man Kills Alligator That Bit His Stepson, So Of Course He Was Arrested

There are a lot of brave men and women who wear the blue in the Sunshine State. But like any group, there are also some fucking knuckleheads. Exhibit A: certain officers with the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. Called to the scene of an animal kill, they promptly arrested 74-year-old Reginald Blanton for shooting an alligator…

Leland Car Wrecks Four In One Weekend

Leland Woman Racks Up Four Car Crashes In One Weekend: Yep, She’s Old

Should old people have to retest for their drivers licenses every few years? With some of the dumbassery that goes on across the highways of Florida, you could make a case that everyone should. But one 69-year-old Leland woman isn’t making a strong case for the older crowd. This past weekend, the unnamed driver was…

Twerking Criminal Gets Hit With Bond

Miami Carjacker Shakes His Little Tush In The Courtroom

Thirty-year-olds are supposed to be grown-ass men, who know how to act in public. Calvin Lloyd Griffith did not get the memo. He appeared in bond court Thursday morning and left the audience, bailiffs, prosecution, and even his own defense aghast when he channeled his inner Miley. It’s not clear what Griffith was thinking since he broke out…

El-Zayat, BB Gun Attack Mom, Orders 3 Sons

Deland Mom Charged For Instructing Sons To Blast Homeless Man With BB Guns

Amina El-Zayat, a 36-year-old business owner and mother of three, instructed her boys to handle a homeless man near her car wash in the only reasonable manner possible — by firing on him with BB guns. And no, El-Zayat did not simply mistake the homeless man for an alley cat rummaging through trash. Travis Martin, El-Zayat’s…

Dolphin Steals iPad At SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Dolphin Has Had Enough Of Your iPad

Everybody can be a prick during these hot Florida summers. Even the dolphins at SeaWorld. YouTube user Deklyn Kai recently shared video evidence of this. (See below.) The clip has now been viewed close to 100,000 times in 24 hours. In it, an unidentified woman is holding out her iPad. Flipper jumps up and yanks it out of her…