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Popeye's Chicken Turns Hazardous Thanks To Flying Car

Florida Popeye’s Customers Almost Smashed By Flying Car

We’re precious thankful the participants in an unusual crash at a West Palm Beach Popeye’s are going to be okay because now it means we get to make fun of the story. According to the Palm Beach Post, five people were injured with non-life threatening injuries — sorry for that part, get well soon! —…

600 Pound Pig Seeks Missing Owner

Florida Deputies Seek Owner Of 600-Pound Pig

The Associated Press via ABC7 out of New York reports that Alachua County deputies have picked up a 600-pound hog roaming free in Gainesville. The little guy — okay, giant fat-ass — was said to be domesticated and in good health. Deputies got their picture made with the hog and posted to social media before…

Coffee Attack In Florida Jail Has Unique Twist

Vero Beach Man Named Coffee Attacks Someone With Coffee

Ever feel like you have to do something important with your name before you die? We’re not sure if Andrew Coffee, 53, of Vero Beach felt that way when he tossed actual coffee on a fellow inmate, but it didn’t stop him from doing it. The victim, 21-year-old Chauncey Jones claims that Coffee threw coffee…

Tree House Woman Gets Kicked Out Of Home, On Her Own Property

Purple-Haired Florida Granny Gets Kicked Out Of Her Home Of 25 Years … A Treehouse

In the annals of people who can’t mind their own fucking business, there may not be any more notorious offenders than Miami-Dade County. Officials have determined Shawnee Chasser, the purple-haired grandma living in a tree house, must destroy her home and find something more “to code.” What makes this particularly shitty is the fact the…

Corey Beachem, Badass, Fights Signs And Traffic

Vero Beach Man Walks Into Traffic To Fight Cars And Street Signs

Ladies and gentlemen, fighting out of Vero Beach, we give you Corey “By God” Beachem. This Floridian badass was arrested recently after storming out into the middle of Indian River Drive where he appeared to be fighting vehicles as they passed. TCPalm reports that Beachem also sucker punched a few street signs while he was…

911 Coke Display In Florida Walmart

Florida Walmart Remembers 9/11 In The Most Inappropriate Way Possible

‘Murica! We’ve never seen a tragedy that we couldn’t somehow commercialize and capitalize on, and it was only a matter of time before 9/11 found its way into our pop culture sideshow. Unfortunately, Florida gets credit for this one. A Twitter user snapped the pic you see above of a display someone at an area…

Dick Jokes Abound On Weather Site

79,000 Dick Jokes From One Image … And Growing

Tropical storms are no picnic, and it’s hard to see a bright side — unless you have an accidental cornucopia of dick jokes to get you through the rough parts. Thankfully, WJXT4 has provided us with just that. We’ve covered before how radar drawings can sometimes get you into trouble. This is no exception. While…

Oh Florida By Craig Pittman

Why Is Florida So Batshit Crazy? This Guy Nails It

Oh, Florida! How America’s Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country by Craig Pittman is a book after our own hearts. Pittman has a bit of room to talk since he’s a native and works as a Tampa Bay Times reporter. His tome of zany Florida badness goes further than just the episodic, though….

Mary Hunt Beats Herself Up On Video, Blames Ex

Florida Woman Takes A Vicious Beating From Her Ex … Or Does She? [Video]

The vast majority — or at least a large number — of domestic violence reports in this country are on the up-and-up. But every now and then one will slip through the cracks, and some are now attesting that’s what happened in the case of Florida woman Mary Hunt. Hunt was apparently captured on video…

Dan Bongino Drops The Mic

Florida Congressional Candidate Dan Bongino Drops The Mic On Politico

The age of Trump has brought more free-speak from politicians. That’s a good thing. Talk to enough of these preprogrammed people-bots longer than five minutes, and you’ll see why everyone fucking hates them. Well, that might be about to change. A Florida congressional candidate took issue with a news story reported by the Naples Daily…