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Joe Chandler, The Guy Who Still Doesn't Know

Jacksonville Man Still Has No Idea Who Won Presidential Election

Joe Chandler, a Jacksonville man, has adopted the kind of attitude we all probably should for the next Presidential election. Chandler, an artist and writer, said he decided to forgo an election night party, and from that, an inadvertent protest was born. In an interview with 6ABC, Chandler said 24 hours became 48 hours, and…

Starbucks Trump Supporter Loses It

Reported Trump Supporter Makes Miami Starbucks Great Again

Whenever there’s a crazy-ass election outcome, it seems to bring out the crazies. A Miami Starbucks found that out firsthand after a local resident became angry about the length of time it was taking to get his drink. Targeting the black employee, who was working on the drink, he said he was being victimized by…

Brandi Oberdeck Goes Crazy

Crazed Swordswoman Attacks Her Boyfriend Because Drugs!

If a man learns one thing from matrimony, he should know not to piss off the wife. Brandi Oberdeck, 25, got into an altercation with husband Peter recently in Clay County, and he apparently didn’t get that memo. After tearing shit up with a sword the couple had at their home (because of course!), he made…

IHOP Mama's Boy Arrested

52-Year-Old Mama’s Boy Calls 911 When Mommy Won’t Pay For IHOP

There are tons of good reasons to call 911. Someone’s trying to break into your home. You’ve been stabbed. Your buddies have had too much to drink and mistake you for a blowup doll. Nowhere in that list is “my mommy wouldn’t pay for my IHOP,” but somehow 52-year-old Gerald Anderson didn’t get the message….

Meth Or Glazed Doughnut? Orlando Police Can't Tell

Orlando Police Mistake Man’s Glazed Doughnut For Meth: Lawsuits Ensue

Okay, so apparently Orlando Police have never gotten the memo on how their profession and doughnut jokes go hand-in-hand because they — and the city — are now being sued for mistaking residue from a glazed doughnut for meth. That’s right. The boys in blue arrested Daniel Rushing last year for possession of methamphetamine, only…

Doorbell Ringer On The Loose

Serial 3 A.M. Doorbell Ringer On The Loose In Orange County

An Orange County, Fla., woman is on the loose this week for the crime of ringing doorbells. Okay, so we’re not sure if it’s a crime, but when you do it in the middle of the night while intoxicated, you better have a damn good reason if you don’t want to be locked up. That’s…

Drunk Wedding Crashers Threaten To Punch Bride

Two Drunk Wedding Crashers Storm Florida Wedding, Threaten To Punch The Bride

A couple of Dunedin, Fla., dolts sought to prove their drunken toughness this weekend by barging into a wedding and threatening to punch the bride. The Pinellas County pair — Patrick McAllister, 33, and Joshua David Willard, 34, burst into the Dunedin House of Beer and laid down the gauntlet, shoving guests and threatening their…

Kid Behind The Wheel Gets In Hot Water

Florida 11-Year-Old Takes Mom’s SUV For A Joyride

Ah kids. If ever there was something to put you in an early grave, it’s the obnoxious and irresponsible preteen. A Florida mom found that out the hard way when she loaned her daughter the keys to the SUV so she could go downstairs and retrieve a book. When the girl didn’t come back, Mom…

Child Driving Car, Filmed By Mother

Idiot Florida Mom Films 7-Year-Old Driving A Car

We’ve all probably got pleasant memories of when Dear Ol’ Mom or Dad propped us up on their laps and allowed us to “drive” into the carport or garage at the tail end of a grocery run. Unfortunately, some parents are too fucking stupid to know when lines are being crossed. Enter 25-year-old Kwanique Glenn…