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Isaiah Jones, Sex Offender Lives At Walmart

Lehigh Acres Sex Offender Says He Lives At Walmart, Cops Are Fine With It

Some sex offending dumbass in Lehigh Acres has proven himself to be smarter than the average child molester. Isaiah Jones, 27, listed his home address as a Lehigh Acres Walmart and apparently it’s completely on the up-and-up. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says that Jones is free-and-clear of any wrongdoing here because the Walmart has…

Flightradar24 Captures Penis Pattern

Lakeland Gets A Map Penis Drawn On It By Smartass Pilot

Dear Floridians, if you could only use your creative powers for good, there would be no stopping you. Take, for example, the fucking genius who decided to do a little air traffic radar artwork with his plane, reported here by the Daily Dot. Just to set you up with the short version, it’s a dick….

Port Richey Chicken Hoarder Keeping 100 Under One Roof

Port Richey Woman Keeping 100 Chickens … In Her Home

Every state has its share of disgusting people, but you can’t get much worse than a Port Richey woman, who is basically a walking episode of Hoarders co-starring a shitload of chickens. We’re talking around 100 here under the same roof, according to the news website for local NBC affiliate WFLA. While the Pasco County…

Bunny Fetus Steals Reddit's Heart

Florida Woman Pregnant With Bunny

A Florida woman is pregnant with what appears to be a small bunny. The shocking photographic “proof” hit imgur late last week and quickly brought with it an onslaught of obvious commentary. “At it like rabbits is not supposed to be taken literally.” “What’s up, doc?” “A bun in the oven!” While we don’t have…

Treasure Island Homeless Man Pleasures Lady On Beach

Treasure Island Homeless Man Gives Oral To Lady Friend On Beach Boardwalk

You see all kinds of things on Florida’s beaches. Sand crabs. Seaweed. Beach volleyball tournaments. Weddings. A homeless man performing cunnilingus on a woman. Enter 50-year-old Tracy Briley, the Grizzly Adams-looking sumbitch in the photo above. A man and his three-year-old grandson came across the act of consensual sex between Briley and the unidentified woman…

Donald Trump Tattoo In St. Pete

Donald Trump Makes Tattoos Great Again In St. Pete

Donald Trump has made a lot of shit great again since deciding to run for President. Dick references during debates. Rosie O’Donnell takedowns. Nick-naming your opponents like a schoolyard bully. Above all, love him or hate him, he has encouraged a whole culture for Americans of calling bullshit on their elected officials. Next up, tattoos….

Panama City Funeral Home Under Fire

Panama City Couple Arrested For Storing 16 Dead, Rotting Corpses

Death, it is said, is no way to make a living. But if you’re going to make a go of it, you should at least try to go through the motions. You know, stuff like ripping out the innards, filling the body with embalming fluid, fitting Great Great Great Grandpa Jackson into his favorite blue…

Dog On Motorcycle: Just A Couple Of Easy Riders

This Dog Is Exactly Where It Needs To Be

From the you-can’t-make-this-shit-up department, this motorcyclist was spotted by an observant driver on his way home from work. The image showed up on Reddit this week and quickly shot up hundreds of thousands of views with folks saying things like “What a bad ass” and “Goddammit, fucking Florida!” We agree with both of those statements….

Manatee Porn In Action, Yep This Is How It Looks

So Manatee Porn Is A Thing: Thanks, Tampa!

What’s overweight and mates only once every three to five years? We will accept “old married couple” and “manatees having sex.” It was the latter that stopped motorists on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa on Thursday. Various news reports and cellphone videos kicking around the ‘Net captured it in all its slow-moving detail. The Causeway was backed up…