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Drone Accident Severs Woman's Nose

Jacksonville Man’s Drone Slices Woman’s Nose Off In Spying Mission

Nope, you can’t even sunbathe topless in your own back yard without a case of the crazy-fucks Florida is known for invading your privacy and getting right up in your face. Unfortunately, in this case, the “in your face” thing is literal. A Jacksonville man, 29-year-old William Jacob Cerda, was allegedly trying to spy on…

Charles Easter Male Florida Bellydancer

Charles Easter Bellydances Into The Hearts And Wallets Of Floridians Everywhere

Here in the Sunshine State, one of our greatest natural exports is the sheer amount of bat-shit crazy that we provide for the world. Oftentimes, that crazy takes the form of ridicule, but today we’ve got a little something different, and, yes, we’re aware that is an understatement. Semi-retired crossdresser/dad-to-be/twerking extraordinaire Charles Easter has developed…

Man Riding Manatees Arrested

Homeless Man Arrested For Riding Manatees

Here’s a double rarity out of our great state — a manatee story that doesn’t involve Jimmy Buffett and a report of a homeless man actually riding one of these great big lazy behemoths, which is apparently against the law. KAIT8 reports that 47-year-old James Roy Massengale Jr. was arrested after witnesses spotted him “touching…

Patrick Bruce, Semen Pourer

Tallahassee Man Pours Cup Of Semen On Panera Bread Customer

Tallahassee’s own Patrick Bruce, 28, made national headlines this week after his case appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat. Bruce’s claim to fame: pouring semen onto a woman’s neck, shoulder and arm. According to the news site, Bruce walked into a Panera Bread and began staring at the woman and her friend. He left, came back…

Bullets And Waffles Lead To Oven Shooting

Florida Woman Wanted Late Night Waffles, So Her Oven Shot Her

A Florida woman with a taste for some late night waffles found out the hard way that you do not preheat without checking the oven first. According to St. Petersburg Police, the victim, an unidentified 18-year-old, was visiting a friend when she turned on his oven unaware he was storing some ammunition inside. When the oven…