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Fort Lauderdale Cop Gets Drunk, Fights Security Guard

Off-Duty Fort Lauderdale Cop Fights Security Guard With A Baby

The men and women in blue put their lives on the line every day. No argument there. But when they’re off duty, some choose to put their lives on the line by getting shitfaced and fighting a security guard. That’s what happened with one Fort Lauderdale police officer, who duked it out with a loss…

Justn Walker Flasher In Sumter County

Sumter County Man Flashes Genitals At Police: ‘I Guess I Did Something Stupid’

Many states in the U.S. have to worry about the types of critters that run across their highways out of the middle of nowhere. Deer crossing, bear crossing, Amish crossing. Never seen “schlong crossing,” though. Until now. And who else would be responsible but the Sunshine State? A 28-year-old Sumter County man is in trouble…

Austin Harrouff Face Biter

Martin County Frat Boy Takes A Bite Out Of Life, Literally

Still looking nervously at October and the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7? Florida Zombie Apocalypse Man Austin Kelly Harrouff, a Florida State University student, has some real life horror to take your mind off things. In a move that straight-up turns ol’ Negan into a cuddly teddy bear, this nut job frat boy got high…

Masturbation In Public: 'I've Been Doing It For Years'

Hallandale Beach Has The Best Public Masturbation Places On Earth

Hallandale Beach is Broward County’s best kept secret for masturbation hotspots. That’s at least if you’re talking to 34-year-old Neil White. He was recently picked up for rubbing one off on a milk cart while sitting in a bathroom stall at B.F. James Park. It wasn’t his first rodeo either. White said that he’d been…

Jennifer Furguson Kicks The Holy Hell Out Of Boyfriend For Refusing Sex

Port St. Lucie Woman Kicks Boyfriend Repeatedly In Face

Sex can make people do crazy things, and when you add a dash of Florida to that craziness, you get Jennifer Furguson of Port St. Lucie. Furguson decided she couldn’t take it any more when her boyfriend refused to sling her the goods. Her solution was to turn his head into a soccer ball. The incident started around 6:30…

Randy Riddle, Pizza Delivery Ban And With Good Reason

Sebastian Man Banned From Ordering Pizza Delivery

Randy Riddle is a name you’ll want to remember if you work at a pizza place that delivers. The so-called “pizza delivery bandit” has been ordered not to place any more calls for pizza anywhere. Riddle faces four counts of harassing phone calls, two counts of first-degree petty theft and one count of second-degree petty theft, according to…

Donald Lee Hicks Runs Down Black People In Confederate Van

Dania Beach Man Assaults Black Couple With Van Bearing Confederate Flag

Ah, Dixie. Descendants of the land of cotton just keep lowering their achievement bar. Donald Lee Hicks, 38, is one such case. The Broward transplant used his 1997 Dodge van as a battering ram to nab a Dania Beach parking space. His victims were two African-Americans. They were standing in the space until their friend could circle back around and get…

Pinky The Flamingo Dead At 19

Kill Beloved Dancing Flamingo For No Damn Reason? Just Another Family Fun Night!

Pinky the Dancing Flamingo is no more. Joseph Carrao, 45, of Orlando, reached into the bird’s pen Tuesday night and “violently” tossed her to the ground in front of his family, witnesses at Busch Gardens Tampa said. She was rushed to the park’s Animal Care Center where veterinarians decided her injuries were serious enough to euthanize. The incident occurred in…