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Florida Grandma Attacked For Praying Too Loudly

Key West Woman Attacks Grandmother With Knife, For Praying Too Loudly

The youth of today just aren’t on the religion train the way their older relatives were, especially here in the Sunshine State. Case in point, the Palm Beach Post reports that a Key West woman has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill for attacking her…

Eric Sirmans: 'Is Stealing Cop Car A Felony'

Daytona Beach Man Steals Police Cruiser, Asks If It’s A Felony

A parked Daytona Beach Police cruiser was recently stolen, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. And as ballsy and gutsy a move as that is by a criminal, it isn’t nearly as interesting as what came next. Curious as to whether he was committing a felony, Eric Sirmans asked over the police radio whether what…

Florida Mom Goes Cujo On Vero Beach School

Florida Mom Goes Full Lecter On School Secretary

Sheila De Jesus is either the Mother from Hell or the one you want packing your sack lunches every morning depending on which side of her mental illness (and possible rabies infection) you fall down on. In vintage Mama Bear fashion, the 40-year-old went after a school secretary and a sheriff’s deputy when she perceived the…

Mack Yearwood Wanted Facebook Photo

Stuart Man Uses Wanted Poster As Facebook Profile Pic

How do winners update their Facebook profile pics? With their mugshots, of course. Florida resident Mack Yearwood was so proud of the work Citrus County Police did on a previous booking photo he decided to use it as his profile picture, the Palm Beach Post reports. We’ve got to give it to Yearwood on this. He successfully walked…

Girl Scouts Thief Gets $85K

Woman Steals $85,000 From Girl Scouts Of Gulfcoast Florida

Think the Girl Scouts aren’t doing well for themselves? We submit to you exhibit A, Stephanie Person, or as she’s about to be known — the piece o’shit that stole $85,000 from Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida. While it’s understandable to be angry at a Person like this one, let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the…

Cruelty To Animals Charges For Woman In Cocker Spaniel Drowning

Daytona Beach Woman Caught Drowning Cocker Spaniel In The Ocean

Here’s one sure to miss the Florida travel brochures. Cocker spaniels are pretty much the cutest damn dogs in the world. You’d have to search the world over to find the type of evil MFer, who could be mean to one of them. Or just come to Daytona Beach, where Marilynne Jones, 70, was spotted…

Krystal Burgers Employee Goes On Rampage

Krystal Burgers Weaponized By Disgruntled Lake City Fast Food Cook

The Krystal hamburger is not only the cutest fast food menu item in the land, it also makes for one hell of a projectile to hurl indiscriminately at co-workers when you get pissed off and just can’t deal. According to a recent report from News 4 Jax, 29-year-old Russell Francis Gomez was absolutely floored when…