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Michael Reyna Gets DUI For 20-Year-Old Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Florida Man Claims Speech Slurred From 20-Year-Old Dental Surgery

There are different ways of measuring how fucked up you are while drinking. Over the years, Florida residents have gotten quite good at being able to judge. Unfortunately, it’s a clarity that usually comes with hindsight, as we’re sure it will for 46-year-old Michael Reyna. The motorist was slurring your speech because of a wisdom…

Johnny Morris Arrested After 4-Year-Old Takes Him Down

Alleged Teen Robber Meets His Arch-Nemesis … A Biting 4-Year-Old Boy

An 18-year-old dumbass got a little more than he bargained for after assisting in an armed robbery in Miramar this week. Johnny Morris picked the wrong house as a hiding spot. He caught the attention of a 4-year-old boy and picked the little guy up telling him to be quiet. That’s when said little guy…

Arnold Abbott, Pictured Left, Is Under Arrest For Doing A Good Deed

90-Year-Old Arrested Twice Now For Feeding Homeless: Stay Classy, Ft. Lauderdale

There’s a fine line between creating law and order and just being an asshole. While we get Fort Lauderdale’s purpose behind its new ordinance not to feed the homeless, we see little sense in enforcing it against a 90-year-old do-gooder to the extent of throwing him in jail. That’s what happened this past weekend when…

Taco Bell Robbed After Customer Paid

Taco Bell Robbed By Paying Customer

An Orlando criminal took the saying, “Never mix business with pleasure” to heart when he set his sights on an area Taco Bell. According to the Palm Beach Post, the man (ballpark age 30) attempted to rob the fast food restaurant on Monday night, though it was unclear if he succeeded in getting away with…

Manatee County Sex Slave Arrest

Manatee County Woman Wanted Husband Dead … Or Turned Into A Sex Slave

Rachael Natalie Leahy, the beautiful young woman in that image above, isn’t a tyrant. When she hires someone to kill her husband, she isn’t completely married to the murder idea. In fact, she told an undercover Manatee County detective that her hubby didn’t have to die if they could find a nice place for him…

Tampa Bay Flak Jacket Death

Two Tampa Bay Cousins Test Out A Flak Jacket Thinking It’s A Bulletproof Vest, It Isn’t

Curiosity used to kill cats; now it has its sights set on a different kind of quarry. Two Tampa Bay cousins’ lives have been forever shattered with one fleeting moment of stupidity. Twenty-three-year-old Joaquin Mendez is dead while his cousin, 24-year-old Alexandro Garibaldi, is facing charges of manslaughter, according to the Tampa Bay Times, stemming from an incident in…

Fidel Lopez Accused Of Disemboweling Partner

Psycho Allegedly Disembowels Partner During Sex

There’s “rough sex,” and there’s what Fort Lauderdale suspect Fidel Lopez allegedly did to his girlfriend after she called him by the wrong name (her ex-husband). CBS Miami states Lopez tried to sell authorities on the idea what happened to Maria Nemeth was the result of things getting a little too out of control in the bedroom….

Mark Ober Blames Underage Rape Victim

Florida Attorney On 15-Year-Old Rape Victim: ‘She Was With Him Voluntarily’

An incumbent state attorney in Hillsborough County, GOP guy Mark Ober, joined a long line of Republicans, who simply don’t know how to talk about rape. Responding to a debate question in his contest with Democratic challenger Andrew Warren, Ober had this to say (hat tip to Raw Story for the transcribe). “I have a…

Man Beats Dog, Infant Was 'Eating Dogshit'

‘My Son Was Eating Dogshit,’ Dad Says Right After His Arrest

Parents, you might understand the anger one would feel to come across their infant child eating dog shit, but is anyone wondering how that situation happens in the first place? Unfortunately it’s just the kind of thing you run into here in the Sunshine State. A Bradenton man was arrested after he kicked the figurative…