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Crystal Olson McDonald's Drug Dealer

McDonald’s Drug Dealer Throws In Interesting Add-On To Confused Customer

When you go to McDonald’s drive-thru you have certain expectations. Melted cheese. Imitation meat loaded with so many preservatives it’ll still be edible in 10 years. Straws. You don’t expect to end up on the other end of a drug transaction unless — of course — you’re right here in the sunny state of Florida….

Drunk Man Scares Woman

Beer Swilling Florida Singer Hits Wrong Note With Niceville Neighbor

The men and women in blue have to respond to some strange calls every day, but it doesn’t get any stranger than the calls here in the Sunshine State. They can range from a man using a taco as a driver’s license to cases of mistaken identity like this one. According to the NWF Daily…

Woman Robs Arby's, Makes Getaway In Cab

Gainesville Woman Robs Arby’s, Attempts Getaway By Calling A Cab

Most of us in Florida have the good sense to enlist a getaway driver ahead of time before we pull a bank job. Well, Keshunte Taylor of Gainesville wasn’t robbing a bank; she was robbing an Arby’s. Still, same principle applies. Only Taylor didn’t go with the tried-and-true. No, no, no, no. She instead waited…

Florida Diaper Thief Makes Off With $700 Of Product

Florida Man Steals $700 Worth Of Diapers

For any parent who ever hated to swallow the idea that every time you buy a box of diapers, your kid is literally shitting away your paycheck, this story is for you. Local10 reports that a North Lauderdale man stole over $700 worth of crap-collectors from an area Walmart. Franck-Guy Thimothee, 33, was apparently tired…

Man Wrecks Yacht While Boating Under Influence

Florida Man Almost Triples Blood Alcohol Content, Unsurprisingly Wrecks His Yacht

Thomas Henry Baker is in some hot water after drunkenly navigating his 72-foot yacht into shallow waters just south of the Palm Beach inlet and running the ship aground. The yacht — appropriately titled the Time Out — will be out of commission for the foreseeable future, and Baker’s BAC was largely to blame. Brought…

Fugitive Steven Brown Left Baby, Dogs To Die

Brave Florida Fugitive Blows Up House, Leaves Baby And Dogs Inside

Cooking drugs … never a good idea. But when you’ve got a 1-year-old child and two dogs in your care and you’re already predisposed to being a cowardly dumbass, it’s just a recipe for disaster. Steven Brown, 24, of Port Richey is finding that out the hard way after he left two dogs and an…

Wheelchair Bandit Rips Off Donation Jar

Wheelchair Bandit On The Loose: Guard Your Donation Jars, Folks!

A donation jar honoring Mission Blue Ink, a group dedicated to first responders in Orlando injured in the line of duty, just took a financial hit from the unlikeliest of suspects. Video released from the Beef Jerky Experience in Orange County showed a man in a wheelchair roll up to the counter, wait for his…