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Mom Of The Year Uses Child As Weapon

Mom Of The Year Uses Stroller As Weapon (With Baby Inside)

Ever get in a fight with someone and throw everything but the kitchen sink into it, not caring who you damage in the process? Just such a case has arisen out of Florida, and we thought we’d talk about it. Celestina Ramirez Garcia has been charged with child abuse and battery after throwing a stroller…

Teens Smear Animal Feces

Florida Teens Shit-Bomb Their Friend With Animal Feces, Duct Tape

Gainesville’s own Nikki Rowena Sismanidis, 18, and Jasmine Marie Suarez, 19, sure don’t look like the types to get crazy with the fecal matter, but looks can be deceiving. The Gainesville Sun reports that the girls — still teenagers, but too old to be treated as such by courts of law — broke into the…

Steak Lobster Bandit Caught Smuggling Booty Out Of His Pants

This Florida Man Flew Too Close To The Sun On Wings Of Steak And Lobster

When the hunger bug strikes, a man can do desperate things. Of course, when most people get hungry, they go for the necessities; but not one Brooksville man. Mark Belkola, 57, was in an area grocery store recently when he got the hankering for steak and lobster. Rather than save up for it or just…

Austin Harrouff In Hands Of Grand Jury Now

Florida Face-Eater Is Now In The Hands Of A Grand Jury

The fate of 19-year-old face-biter Austin Harrouff is now in the hands of a grand jury. Harrouff’s horrific double homicide of John Stevens and Michelle Mishcon made national headlines when police ganged up on the teen to pull him off Stevens as he took a plug out of the dead man’s face. At the time…

Carjacker Hug Denied

DeLand Carjacker Makes Strange Request Of His Victim

The things we do for a little love. A carjacker in DeLand recently made national headlines when he sprung an unusual request on his victim. Nicholas Foreman, 36, approached a man at an area gas station and began asking for a ride to Wendy’s. When the man refused, Foreman reached for his waistband, making like…

Inmate Says He's God (He Isn't)

Florida Inmate Declares ‘I Am God’ (He Isn’t)

God is apparently alive and well in Broward County and going by the name of Julio Torres. That’s at least if you talk to Torres himself, a 24-year-old miscreant who was facing charges for allegedly stealing a car in Fort Lauderdale, reports NBC Miami. Torres/Almighty got into a heated exchange with Broward Circuit Court Judge…

Micah Norman Slaps Girl In Face With Sex Toy

Florida Man Slaps Girlfriend In The Face With Sex Toy

Relationships are hard. We get that. Just when you think everything is moving along hunky-dory, you find out your significant other is cheating on you or just an all-around horrible person. We’re not saying that’s what happened in the case of 34-year-old Micah Norman and his 29-year-old girlfriend, but it’s just to point out that…

Scott Morris On Attack

Melbourne Man Attacks First Responders For Saving His Life

A Melbourne man in need of lifesaving assistance thanked his responders by attacking them Friday night. According to WFTV, 46-year-old Scott Morris slipped into unconsciousness after an apparent overdose. Fire-rescue assistance had requested help for Morris. When first responders revived him, he immediately went on the attack, fled to his car, and left the scene…

Dog Pee Leads To Gunshots

Pensacola Man Fires At Couple Whose Dog Peed On His Yard

A Pensacola man was arrested for allegedly firing his weapon at a couple that was out walking their dog. His reason: it peed in his yard. Yes, apparently the 63-year-old Commander is of the nonsensical belief dogs doing what dogs do in grass will somehow bring about the downfall of western civilization. It’s at least…