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Eva Gaitan Arrested

Palm Harbor Woman Distributes Nude Pics Of Ex-Husband To His Parents

A Palm Harbor woman really upped the stakes in the aftermath of her divorce after burning nude images of her ex-husband to a CD and distributing it to his parents and employer. Eva Gaitan, 32, reportedly took the images from her husband’s hard drive and transferred them to disc with the sneaky label, “Requires Immediate…

Larenzo Askew, Acid Tripping

UNF College Student Takes Acid, Bites Through A Cop’s Bulletproof Vest

Larenzo Askew is a name one bulletproof vest-wearing Florida officer will not soon forget. The self-professed “testament from God” unleashed a rampage of biblical proportions when he caused a disturbance that would find the University of North Florida Police having to tase him six times. Even so, he was still not ready to go quickly into…

Armed Amputee Kills Parents, Self

Quadruple Amputee ‘Armed And Dangerous’ After Parents’ Murders

Today is a throwback to November 2014 and the tragic double murder-suicide perpetrated by Sean Petrozzino. While there isn’t a damn thing funny about a man killing his parents, the circumstances prove at least somewhat that life has a pretty dry sense of humor. Petrozzino was not your everyday gun enthusiast/homicidal maniac. After breaking up with…

Creeper Hiding Under Bed Of 11-Year-Old

24-Year-Old Florida Creeper Hides Under Bed Of 11-Year-Old Girl

David Hanggigoble is a 24-year-old gent from Naples who is lucky to be alive tonight after an 11-year-old girl caught him hiding under her bed and informed her mother. USA Today reports that Hanggigoble was waiting on the pre-teen as she came out of the bathroom. So smooth was he that he couldn’t fool an…

Meth Head With A Pick Axe

Another Crazy Meth Head Goes Apeshit With A Pick Axe

If the story we ran earlier this month of a Florida man high on meth cutting off his own penis wasn’t enough to scare you away from the drug, this story probably won’t do it either. However, it does beg the question — why are meth heads first reactions to seek and destroy? The News-JournalOnline…

Counterfeit Bond $1 Billion

Florida Entrepreneurship: Two Men Try Cashing A $1 Billion Bond

Many is the time we’ve thought about how quickly we would have to make it to Mexico if we were able to successfully pass a bad check. Chances are likely our geniuses today had that very thought in mind when they tried to pass — wait for it — a $1 billion counterfeit bond. Hugo…

Five Arrested In $7 Million iPhone Heist From Miami International

In perhaps one of the weirder heists of the century, a quintet of Heat wannabes recently lifted more than 23,000 iPhones from Miami International Airport. As lame as that sounds, doing the math puts it at a haul of over $16.1 million when you consider the retail value. Street value would probably be less than…

Wallace Wrobel Arrested

Florida Man Walks Naked By School Bus Stop, Blames Vodka: One Little Problem…

Everyone knows drugs and alcohol can make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do sober. As a result getting bombed often makes for a great excuse when you do something really stupid. Unfortunately for one Florida man, he didn’t account for the police actually testing for that sort of thing. Wallace Wrobel, 45, was arrested…

Burglars Tortured By Shop Owners

Shop Owner Gets Drop On Burglars … Probably Goes A Bit Too Far

It isn’t very common for a burglary victim to get arrested on the same call as his suspects, but that’s exactly what happened during a recent Orange County case. And we gotta say, it may have been justified. WFTV reports that said culprits of the affair — Jose Gonzalez, 27, and Michael Eller, 28 —…

Father Son Duke It Out Over Legos

Dad And Son Arrested After Brawling Over Legos

From the files of “that escalated quickly,” a father and son were arrested in St. Lucie County over none other than America’s favorite toy. Nicolas Melice (Senior and Junior) went after one another after the father allegedly got drunk and started to take it out on his son’s Legos, reports TCPalm. Son, 19, took issue…