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Bus Drivers Dropping 5-Year-Olds

Another Florida Bus Driver Leaves A 5-Year-Old Somewhere Stupid

What the hell is wrong with Florida’s public school bus drivers? About a week ago we told you about the now-fired bus driver, who dropped a 5-year-old off alone at an area Waffle House. Now along comes another dunce cap-wearing motherfucker targeting yet another 5-year-old.

This time around the driver was new to the job and, to date, is still employed. The driver discovered a little girl had gotten on the wrong bus. Rather than take her some place safe at the end of the route, the genius forced her to get out on the side of busy U.S. 1. Luckily, fate intervened and the child’s aunt saw her walking along the road and was able to pick her up before anything terrible could happen, according to WFTV 9.

When asked if termination would be considered for the driver, the district said it did not comment on incidents/outcomes involving personnel matters for 15 days. They’re probably hoping everyone forgets by then. At the rate we’re going, however, it’s only a matter of time before another 5-year-old gets left somewhere stupid. We definitely wouldn’t bet this phenomenon goes away any time soon.

[Image via JohnPickenPhoto | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY 2.0]