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Dick Jokes Abound On Weather Site

79,000 Dick Jokes From One Image … And Growing

Tropical storms are no picnic, and it’s hard to see a bright side — unless you have an accidental cornucopia of dick jokes to get you through the rough parts. Thankfully, WJXT4 has provided us with just that. We’ve covered before how radar drawings can sometimes get you into trouble. This is no exception.

While the Tropical Storm Watch the news weatherman displayed on the station’s Facebook page was designed to show the path of the storm, it also showed something else. Something that really needs no further explanation.

Commenters went wild with more than 79,000 at the time of this post, and that doesn’t count the 57,000 Facebook reactions (smiles, likes, etc.) or the 175,177 shares. Some of our favorite commentaries: “I’m no weather man but you can expect a few inches tonight”; “My ex lives right there at the tip. Coincidence? I think not. #dickhead”; “Should we consult someone if it lasts for more than 4 hours?”; and, of course, “Hope this doesn’t hit the navy base, there will be seamen spread everywhere.” Click here for 10s of thousands more.